What Are The Advantages?
Liquid Screed Temperature

There are many advantages of using Liquid Floor Screed over the traditional Sand Cement Screed.

  • High early strength: it can be walked on 48 hours after application
  • High impact resistance and readily achieves the requirements for category A floors
  • High volume stability, no curling or lifting
  • Ability to lay large areas without joints
  • Screed depth can be reduced significantly when compared to traditional methods, meaning an increase in thermal efficiency and a decrease in running costs
  • Reduced weight and drying times as a result of the reduced depth of floor screed
  • Increased accuracy of placements with high placing rates and outputs up to 10 times greater than traditional screed
  • Freedom from the need to use reinforcement below ceramic finishes
  • Rapid installation- up to 6x faster than traditional screed
  • Quicker access for follow on trades providing significant cost savings to your project
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics and is suitable for use with either water or electrical underfloor heating systems
  • Surface flatness to SR2 (5mm under a 3m straight edge) may be readily achieved.
  • 92% reduction in embodied CO2 compared with traditional screed