Where Is Anhydrite Screed Suitable?
Construction of screed

Anhydrite is a screed for use in residential, office and administrative buildings, as well as hotels, schools and hospitals, it is well suited for under floor heating systems. It is suitable to receive all types of plastic/vinyl and textile coverings as well as parquet, slabs/boards and tiles.


There are no bigger advantages of the product than when used with underfloor heating, a reduced depth of liquid floor screed, compared to traditional screeds, minimises heat storage resulting in a floor that responds rapidly to user requirement thus increasing the efficiency of your underfloor heating system.


Anhydrite screed flows around underfloor heating pipes ensuring that there are no voids; resulting in an even, radiant heat.


Manufacturing Standards
Anhydrite screed conforms with the requirement of European standard BS EN 13813:2002 Screed Material and Floor Screeds and with the code of practice for floor screeds, BS 8204, appropriate parts. Anhydrite binder conforms to EN ISO 14021.

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