Why Liquid Screed?

Liquid screed is based on alpha hemi hydrate or anhydrite and is distinguished by a number of special technical properties. We believe that self-leveling screed offers a superior quality flooring solution.

Screed Performance

Flowing screeds, also known as liquid screeds, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and there is similar market behaviour across Europe.

So much so that Liquid Screeds are now the market leader in many European countries leaving traditional screeding methods behind.

We have tried and tested many Liquid Screed formulas.  The anhydrite we use is designed to provide a smooth, level surface prior to the application of final floor finishes. It can be used bonded, unbonded or floated, with or without underfloor heating.

What are the advantages?
There are many advantages of using Liquid Floor Screed over the traditional Sand Cement Screed, click here to find out what those advantages are...